Monday, February 18, 2008

Of Mice and Men

i know its been over 1/2 a year since i've blogged.
and I suddenly got the itch.
so what the heck here I am.
If anyone still reads this, I'm pretty bored.
school and work are boring, as usual. and keeping me pretty busy!
trying not to shop very much, which
is taking a toll on my stress levels! haha
but seriously...
I got my car back (FINALLLY!!!!) and I am way to happy about that.
other than that though, jus LIVIN.
i'm livin it for NOW.
like those mice.


Briana said...

i am commenting you LOL because I found our blog again. I miss youuuuuuu!!!

and woohoo you got your car back! now you need to take a trip to AU...

Briana said...

linking you btw

Kristin said...

I found your blog thru briana which means i'm linking you too...and hoping you'll blog more! :)

Briana said...

blog some more, BIOTCH!

Briana said...
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